Mutual Fund Invest Online

You can now invest in mutual funds anytime anywhere both in “Direct” and “Regular” Plans through our website.

“Direct Plan” The Direct Plans are meant for (DIY) investors. If you go the Direct Plan route you will need to equip yourself with the knowledge to understand how mutual funds work, how the share market is doing, evaluate track records of fund houses and fund managers and most of all you will need to have the time to devote to research to be able to invest well. The other challenge is the legwork and paperwork required. These plans are bought directly from the fund house bypassing the Distributor. The savings on Distributor’s trail are passed on to the investors in the form of lower expense ratio.

If you choose to invest directly in a mutual fund without any intermediaries, we suggest you to do on the recommendation of an Investment Advisor paying a fee for his services.

Once you invest in “Regular Plan” through SenSage Online, we undertake to maintain your portfolio and monitor it at all times. You will be able to access your portfolio 24x7. Our Investment Advisors will track your portfolio on an on-going basis and send you periodic reports / advice on any changes that may be required in relation to achieve your financial goals.


...if you are a savvy investor and can select schemes on your own

...if you already pay fees to your adviser or financial planner

...if you don't want the risk of a distributor or financial adviser

...if you are a beginner

...if you cannot decipher which scheme you want to choose

...if you are savvy, but don't have time to monitor