Portfolio Management

Much has been said and heard about the benefits of hiring an Investment Adviser. You have been argued over and over again that in the long run, investments in equities always reap good and above average returns. That property is the most illiquid asset class and carries the risk of possession and title. Gold is a good hedge against inflation risk and cannot be a high rate of return investment but can only bring peace at home with your spouse.

Investors do not have the knowledge, expertise and most important the time to spend hours of researching stocks, fund managers, schemes, market changes, etc

At SenSage, an Investment Adviser who has the maturity of understanding of investments will undertake a risk profiling of you. He will recommend investments that suit your profile, make and review asset allocation, track your funds and make subtle variations as and when required. He will never lose sight of your circumstances, needs, goals and attitudes. He will book profits periodically depending on the Bull Run, scaling all time highs and keeping in mind cost of fund management and impact of tax deductions on capital gains.


Annual Fee AUM


Up to Rs.5 lakhs


> Rs.5 lacs n
< Rs. 10 Lakhs


> Rs. 10 lakhs