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About SenSage Financial Services Pvt Ltd.

SenSage combines asset management solutions with a full range of transactional services, equity, mutual funds, and exchange traded fund (ETF) to a range of Goal-based financial solutions which includes education planning, marriage planning, retirement planning. Whether you are an experienced investor looking for a new investment solution using a platform account or simply a new investor looking to save regularly, our online and offline services can provide access to mutual funds and Shariah-compliant investment solutions too.

Stock investing made easy

A smallcase is a basket of stocks that reflects an idea.

Smallcases are portfolios of stocks or ETFs, weighted intelligently to track a theme, strategy or objective.

Smallcases are built & managed by SEBI licensed professionals, using quantitative models & algorithms to screen & weight constituents

With smallcases, you can build a low cost, diversified & long-term portfolio.

Smallcases are intelligent baskets of right stocks that are managed by SenSage Research Desk.

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Client Testimonials

A really great initiative by Janab Shabbir. After a long travel in investments I think I have me the right person. Hats off to you. Your research will surely help all those momins who have left out the of investment universe in India due to either lack of knowledge or great getting trapped into haram investment. You will find many can give lectures. But with Shari’ah small case one can match the returns with our peers. Would love to meet you and our team soon. Also request you to add my two friends to this group whose number I am sharing now.

Shain Ismail Patavegar

Mr. Shabbir

I want to thank you for setting up these investments for my mother who has delivered babies in rural Punjab for the past 40 plus years.

This allows her to have financial security for the future. So thank you ?.

Dr. Manu

I have been using the services of SenSage for the past 6 months and am thoroughly impressed…nay…delighted by the outstanding customer service received. The staff at SenSage take personal care of my portfolio and look after all my needs. I have already recommended SenSage to a few of my close friends who have also become loyal customers.

Aamer Naveed

SenSage is founded and headed by a very dedicated and knowledgeable professional – Mr. M. S. Shabbir. I have been associated with SenSage from its inception. It has grown and scaled new heights because of its proficiency and very dedicated services. I wish SenSage all the best and higher and higher milestones in future.

Subhash Chand Pahuja

It is almost two years since I am dealing with SenSage…very satisfied with the services …they operate very professionally and take good care of customer needs I wish them all the success in coming years.

Mr. Abdul Rauf

Shabbir has given me a good return with absolute peace of mind, excellent service (including constantly updated reports), quick access to my money when I needed bits of it and sensible tax planning. My relationship with his company started on the basis of personal trust, which is now bolstered by its professionalism and understanding of my needs.

Amitabha Banerjee

A perfect investment companion to realize your financial aspirations, SenSage offers holistic Islamic Wealth-Building as well as precise financial guidance for faith-based investors. From investing in equity, mutual funds and exchange traded fund to custom based goal including education. The ideal combination of high-end technology and investment research expertise, SenSage secures your future by designing personalized shariah-compliant portfolios, risk profiling, combining apt assets and executing accurate timely changes. Being a value-oriented specialized SEBI Registered Investment Adviser, we generate and sustain your wealth ethically.
Compliance Audit Status
Sr.No. Financial Year Compliance Audit Status Remarks,if any
1 2020-21 Conducted Nil
2 2021-22 Conducted Nil
Disposal of complaints Annual
Year Carried forward Received Resolved Pending
2019 - 2020 0 0 0 0
2020 - 2021 0 0 0 0
2021 - 2022 0 0 0 0
Grand Total 0 0 0 0
Contact us directly at for assistance with any queries, complaints or grievances. We will ensure your grievance is resolved within 30 days. If you feel that your grievance is not redressed satisfactorily, you may lodge a complaint with SEBI through the Scores website or the SEBI Scores app for Android or iOS.
Disposal of complaints Monthly
Month Carried forward Received Resolved Pending
February-2021 0 0 0 0
March-2021 0 0 0 0
April-2021 0 0 0 0
May-2021 0 0 0 0
June-2021 0 0 0 0
July-2021 0 0 0 0
August-2021 0 0 0 0
September-2021 0 0 0 0
October-2021 0 0 0 0
November-2021 0 0 0 0
December-2021 0 0 0 0
January-2022 0 0 0 0
Grand Total 0 0 0 0
Contact us directly at for assistance with any queries, complaints or grievances. We will ensure your grievance is resolved within 30 days. If you feel that your grievance is not redressed satisfactorily, you may lodge a complaint with SEBI through the Scores website or the SEBI Scores app for Android or iOS.
Disposal of complaints Current Month
Received From Pending- last month Received Resolved Total pending Pending > 3M Avg. resolution time
Investors 0 0 0 0 0 0
SEBI Sources 0 0 0 0 0 0
Other Sources 0 0 0 0 0 0
Grand Total 0 0 0 0 0 0

Disposal of complaints Monthly

Disposal of complaints Annual

Contact us directly at for assistance with any queries, complaints or grievances. We will ensure your grievance is resolved within 30 days. If you feel that your grievance is not redressed satisfactorily, you may lodge a complaint with SEBI through the Scores website or the SEBI Scores app for Android or iOS.
Investor Charter

Invest with knowledge & safety.


Every investor should be able to invest in right investment products based on their needs, manage and monitor them to meet their goals, access reports and enjoy financial wellness.

Details of business transacted by the Research Analyst with respect to the investors

1. To enter into an agreement with the client providing all details including fee details, aspect of Conflict of interest disclosure and maintaining confidentiality of information.
2. To do a proper and unbiased risk – profiling and suitability assessment of the client.
3. To obtain registration with Know Your Client Registration Agency (KRA) and Central Know Your Customer Registry (CKYC).
4. To conduct audit annually.
5. To disclose the status of complaints in its website.
6. To disclose the name, proprietor name, type of registration, registration number, validity, complete address with telephone numbers and associated SEBI regional/local Office details in its website.
7. To employ only qualified and certified employees.
8. To deal with clients only from official number.
9. To maintain records of interactions, with all clients including prospective clients (prior to onboarding), where any conversation related to advice has taken place.

Details of services provided to investors (No Indicative Timelines)

● Onboarding of Clients

1. Sharing of agreement copy
2. Completing KYC of clients

● Disclosure to Clients

1. To provide full disclosure about its business, affiliations, compensation in the agreement.
2. To not access client’s accounts or holdings for offering advice.
3. To disclose the risk profile to the client.

● To provide investment advice to the client based on the risk-profiling of the clients and suitability of the client

Details of grievance redressal mechanism and how to access it

1. In case of any grievance / complaint, an investor should approach the concerned Investment Adviser and shall ensure that the grievance is resolved within 30 days.
2. If the investor’s complaint is not redressed satisfactorily, one may lodge a complaint with SEBI on SEBI’s 'SCORES' portal which is a centralized web based complaints redressal system. SEBI takes up the complaints registered via SCORES with the concerned intermediary for timely redressal. SCORES facilitates tracking the status of the complaint.
3. With regard to physical complaints, investors may send their complaints to: Office of Investor Assistance and Education, Securities and Exchange Board of India, SEBI Bhavan, Plot No. C4-A, ‘G’ Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (E), Mumbai - 400 051.

Expectations from the investors (Responsibilities of investors)
● Do’s

1. Always deal with SEBI registered Investment Advisers.
2. Ensure that the Investment Adviser has a valid registration certificate.
3. Check for SEBI registration number. Please refer to the list of all SEBI registered Investment Advisers which is available on SEBI website in the following link: SEBI.
4. Pay only advisory fees to your Investment Adviser. Make payments of advisory fees through banking channels only and maintain duly signed receipts mentioning the details of your payments.
5. Always ask for your risk profiling before accepting investment advice. Insist that Investment Adviser provides advisory strictly on the basis of your risk profiling and take into account available investment alternatives.
6. Ask all relevant questions and clear your doubts with your Investment Adviser before acting on advice.
7. Assess the risk–return profile of the investment as well as the liquidity and safety aspects before making investments.
8. Insist on getting the terms and conditions in writing duly signed and stamped. Read these terms and conditions carefully particularly regarding advisory fees, advisory plans, category of recommendations etc. before dealing with any Investment Adviser.
9. Be vigilant in your transactions.
10. Approach the appropriate authorities for redressal of your doubts / grievances.
11. Inform SEBI about Investment Advisers offering assured or guaranteed returns.

● Don'ts

1. Don’t fall for stock tips offered under the pretext of investment advice.
2. Do not provide funds for investment to the Investment Adviser.
3. Don’t fall for the promise of indicative or exorbitant or assured returns by the Investment Advisers. Don’t let greed overcome rational investment decisions.
4. Don’t fall prey to luring advertisements or market rumors.
5. Avoid doing transactions only on the basis of phone calls or messages from any Investment adviser or its representatives.
6.Don’t take decisions just because of repeated messages and calls by Investment Advisers.
7. Do not fall prey to limited period discount or other incentive, gifts, etc. offered by Investment advisers.
8. Don’t rush into making investments that do not match your risk taking appetite and investment goals.
9. Do not share login credential and password of your trading and demat accounts with the Investment Adviser.